Iona Convent is an Independent Catholic School founded in 1923, catering for girls Grades R to Grade 12 and boys Grades R to Grade 3.

About Iona Convent School

The school was established by the Sisters of Mercy; we strive to maintain the spirit and ethos of the school by following the Education Policy as set out by the Sisters of Mercy. We are registered with the Gauteng Department of Education and we write the National Senior Certificate Examinations at the end of Grade 12.

Iona Convent School is a faith-based school which focuses on the holistic growth and development of the learners; with the support and involvement of parents/guardians, your daughters have the best opportunity of achieving their full potential at the school. Our school aims to provide for the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical development of all our learners

The School’s Admission Policy stipulates that the school is open to all learners with the understanding that parents/guardians are aware that all the policies and protocols in place are based on Christian values.

Inspire others with our good deeds and actions
Open our hearts to those we encounter daily
Nurture love, kindness, respect and mercy
Appreciate all of GOD’s creation

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